Clothes – Essential and Many Times Overlooked

excWhen you think of prepping supplies what comes to mind?  Water, food, guns and ammo are the most common items that come to mind.

Prepping is a lot more than food and water, there are many supplies that most don’t stock up on but should.

Consider this, if there is some sort of disaster and you can’t get a hold of food and water, what makes you think you could get new clothes if you need them?  Granted, clothes last a pretty good amount of time, but, if you wear suits and skirts as your primary dress each day, you may be a bit lacking in the types of cloths you will need on a day-to-day basis when you are no longer heading into the office and instead tilling the soil for your garden.

Be sure you have closed toe shoes, heavy type leather shoes.  I can’t tell you how many times I see, during good times, both men and women doing yard work or out and about wearing sandals or flip flops.  The last thing you want to do, in good times or bad is have a foot injury.  Wear decent shoes!  If you are the type that wears sandals or flip flops, now is the time to get use to wearing socks and closed toe shoes.  A foot injury takes time to heal from and when there is an emergency you will need both feet in good working order to survive and no have to rely on someone else to help you hop along on one foot.

Here is a list of items you should stock up on:

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Socks, athletic not dress socks, warm and everyday wear, wool blend is great
Sleep attire
Long John’s for cold weather (remember you may not have heat)
Jeans or better a good work pant made of fire hose Duluth Trading great pants
Shirts – tees, pullovers, button downs
Work boots
Hiking boots – I love Merrell’s
Winter boots and water proof shoes
All purpose comfort shoes, did mention I love Merrell’s
Athletic shoes for comfort every day stuff
Rain gear
Light jackets
Warm coats
Gloves, for warmth
Work gloves (leather and water proof) just as you need to protect your feet you need to protect your hands

When it comes to buying socks and underwear, each time you are at Walmart or Target pick up an extra package.  You can never have to much and you will always use them.

When it comes to shoes, don’t go cheap, your feet are very important and good shoes will last longer than cheap shoes as well as keep your feet in good condition.

When it comes to jeans, coats and the like, there is nothing wrong with getting those items at thrift stores if need be.  Remember these clothes will be when the emergency happens, you will be wearing them hard and working hard in them, thrift cloths are perfect for this.  I do recommend the first thing you do with clothes purchased from a thrift store is to wash them in HOT water as well as run them through a HOT drying.  This will insure that you don’t bring in bed bugs or other insects into your home, nothing against thrift stores but it is something you should consider.  To be honest, I do this with new clothes I purchase regardless of where I purchase them from, remember the bedbug outbreak at the Niketown store in New York city?

Be smart, think about  the environment you currently live in, now think of that environment without the comforts you live in now.  The good news is if you are reading this you are already in that type of thought process.  If you are new to prepping all this may seem extreme, but there is a part of you that knows you need to prepare or you wouldn’t be here.

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