Unlimited Urban Clean Drinking Water Supply

Water – We need it to survive, in fact the human body can only survive about three days without water. We are all accustom to having unlimited clean drinking water available to us at any time just by turning on the tap and getting our supply from municipal water sources. What if those sources become contaminated?

We have all been under or heard of a boil water alert in our area or a near by area. An alert could be caused by a broken water main, flooding in an area, or some other natural or man made disaster.  Many times we don’t get word of these alerts for several hours or sometime days after the break or contamination as occurred and who knows how much contaminated water you have drank by the time the boil order becomes public or by the time you hear about it.

Is Your Water Supply Clean

Sometimes the water may seem clean, but is it really? When I was a contractor at a company engagement that lasted several years, I had been getting my water out of the break room which had a large ice machine/water dispenser.  There was no reason for me to think this water was anything but clean and drinkable, which it obvious was because neither myself or others got sick or dropped dead from drinking the water.  The problem though was one day when I saw someone refill an Aquafina water bottle from this water dispenser.  The water in that bottle had a yellowish tint to it when compared to a Aquafina bottle that came right out of the vending machine.   That is when I decided I needed to stop drinking that water or find a way to filter it since it was obvious it wasn’t being filtered to well.

For a good while, I brought my own water into the office, which I had filtered with my Big Berkey, yes, that’s right, I have a Big Berkey in my kitchen for unlimited suburban clean drinking water.  Anyway, I brought the water into the office in a Platypus soft bottle that fit nicely in my computer bag and as I filled up my drinking water bottle throughout the day the Platypus would collapse down nicely.  Problem was it was heavy carrying in the water.

Enter Berkey

My chosen solution for an unlimited clean urban drinking water supply is the Go Berkey Water Kit, I have included a video below of my kit. I figured since I have a Berkey at home, why not have one with me while on the go. If I am just traveling around town, I drink either from a water bottle I fill from my home filter, or I use a Sport Berkey that I can fill up on the go. Problem with the Sport Berkey is that it doesn’t look very professional when I am in front of a room full of corporate suites doing a speaking engagement. However, having a Go Berkey filtering my water at a desk while at an engagement is just as good as my Big Berkey at home. This is how it do it…

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The Go Berkey comes in a black carrying bag that didn’t meet my needs so I purchased a Maxpedition 12 x 5 Bottle Case which fits the Go Berkey perfectly as well as a nesting cup that I use not only to pour the unfiltered water into the upper chamber of the Berkey but also it protects the stem of the Berkey filter when I have it packed up in the bag. I also carry a 16 oz Platypus bottle in the bottle case just as a spare way to carry water.

In addition, I also attached a Maxpedition RollyPoly Mini on the side of the bottle case and I use that as my bottle holder for my drinking water bottle which is a Thermos stainless steel commuter bottle.

Now, some may ask, “why not just use the Sport Berkey bottle and squirt the water from that into the Thermos, it would be purified and save on money?” Well, that is a good question and an idea that I did try out for a few days. Unfortunately, even though the concept worked, it was just too slow a process for me to site and squirt the water from one bottle to the other. It is just so much easier to fill the Go Berkey, have it do the filtration and then when I get back to the desk I can easily and quickly pour the water from the filtered bottom chamber into the the Thermos.

Unlimited Clean Drinking Water

Why do I call it an unlimited clean drinking water supply?  Because with a Berkey filter, I can filter municipal or urban water sources, or water from a pond. From what I have read, a Berkey is one of the best water filters you can own, it is used in third world countries for purify water, it has been tried and proven. If you have a Berkey in your house, a Berkey in your car and one in the office, as long as you have access to water, and you put it through your Berkey, you have an unlimited clean drinking water supply.

So far this is the system that works for me, and like all configurations it is a work in progress.  I would welcome your ideas or suggestions on what you do to insure you always have purified water with you, especially in a professional urban environment such as an corporate office filled with corporate suites types.

Warning: Using a filter alone  may not be enough you might also have to boil water or add a small amount of bleach to make water drinkable, do your own research on any water filter you chose to buy.
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