How To Start A Fire Without Matches Or A Lighter

Ever wonder what you would do if you had to start a fire without matches or a lighter? It is always best to have multiple ways to start a fire.  Personally I never have matches, I do try to carry a lighter in each car and in each get home bag and each fire kit. However, lighters fail. Matches can get wet and fail.

Knowing How To Start A Fire

One think that I have found that I can consistently start a fire with is a fire steel. I practice with it and actually prefer to use it when I need to start a fire, like a camp fire or even a charcoal grill for cooking in the back yard. By using a fire steel, I am ensuring that one, I know how to use it and two, I am well practiced with it.

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It’s easy to start a fire using dryer lent, or cotton balls, but I also practice with leaves, twigs as well. I also practice with wet sources, like finding dry under brush. As long as you can make a spark, and you have the right tender, you can always make a fire with a fire steel.

In the below video I talk about what I think are the best fire steels available.

My favorites are:

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