Prepping Is More Than Food & Water

fawBeing prepared can become an overwhelming task, there is a lot to do and consider.  It is important to understand that preparing is more than just stocking up on food and water.  It can be overwhelming when looking at the big picture and all the different things  you need to do.  But there is good news, as long as you properly organize and pace yourself you can avoid that overwhelmed feeling.

First you need to make lists, literately write down what you want to prepare for, be it natural disaster, loss of job, physical disability etc.

Here are some examples of lists topics:

  •     Food/Water/Personal Hygiene
  •     Financial (savings liquid, investment)
  •     Self Defense (weapons, ammo)
  •     Raw Supplies (batteries, matches, fuel, etc)

A huge mistake that many people make is buying supplies without a plan.  Don’t buy something just because it is on sale or seems like a good idea.  If you buy without a plan you will find you have things you really don’t need and it may cause you not to get things you do need.  Always remember prepping should be done with cash, it should be a line item on your budget…don’t go into debt while getting prepared, check out One Secret To Successful Self-reliance.

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Now within those topic lists you should have specific items listed, for example in your Food/Water/Personal Hygiene list you may have items that you need to purchase as well as the amount you need to purchase.  For example, if you like carrots, so you could purchase canned carrots as well as freeze dried carrots.  As with all supplies but especially food supplies it is so important to ONLY buy what you and your family like and eat or use now on a normal basis.  It makes no sense to buy it if you don’t like or know you won’t eat or use it.

You need to decide how many months of products you are buying for.  Are you prepping for three months, six or a year?  Budget your spending accordingly.

Remember, pace yourself.  You don’t need to buy everything all at once but at the same time you need to insure your plan has you preparing to be self-reliant with something each day, week and month.  For me, I buy something from my list every month or learn a new skill every week.  As an example, last month I purchased oil lamps, wics and lamp oil in case of power outages in preparing for hurricane season, sure it is months away, but I know it is coming so why not prepare for it.  You don’t need to spend a lot and you should shop around.  I found mine at Walmart for under $6 and the oil was I believe around $4 and it was an item I could cross off my list.

So yes, prepping is much more than food and water and it can be very overwhelming, but with a solid plan, budget and lists you can make it a normal part of your life because prepping is a part of life, not just an event.

Remember, if you fail to prepare you are preparing to fail.

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