Survival Of The Fittest: Who Will Die First WhenThe SHTF?

sotfNot having any background in medicine I have searched out those who have been professionally trained in the area.  Many months back I stumbled onto this video by The Patriot Nurse.  Her point of view is one that I agree with and appreciate her training and willingness to post videos.  She has a lot of great info and I plan on posting a couple of other videos she has on topics I think are important to spread the word on.

When there is an animal in the wild that is sick or wounded, that animal dies.  Even though I have seen videos of adult elephants helping a baby elephant out of being stuck in the mud, for the most part weaker animals are left for dead.  Sad? Yes.  However, the reality of life is many times very sad.  So goes it with humans when it comes to extreme disaster circumstances.  Only the fittest and well prepared will survive.

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It is so important to insure you are in good health as well as debt free and fully prepared for any type of SHTF disaster.  When times are good our society helps those in need.  Pharmaceuticals are readily available almost to a fault.  It amazes me how intelligent (or the ability to be intelligent) human beings have fallen asleep and have been lulled into a false sense of safety and protection of their illness or unhealthy lifestyle.  However, when the SHTF those drugs will not be easy to get and those dependent on drugs either for an illness or just plain drug addictions will die.

As noted above, I have no medical training and I am certainly not making any medical recommendations.  What I can say is I have researched the medications that the doctor had put me on for high blood pressure and acid reflux and after reading how unhealthy the drugs are for me, I have weened myself off.  I am controlling both issues on my own with no reliance on meds.  I have also cleaned my lifestyle of caffeine, yes, that is a drug too.

Check out what the Patriot Nurse has to say:

By being healthy, in shape and not reliant on drugs you are increasing your chances for survival when the SHTF.  Survival of the fittest!

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