When Hell Breaks Loose – You May Have To Dispose Of A Dead Body

whblIf you have ever watched Dual Survival you probably know who Cody Lundin is.  He is a survivalist a barefoot man who teaches others the skills to survive.

In 2007 he wrote a book “When Hell Breaks Loose“, a practical book that entertains while providing essential information needed to survive a catastrophe.


When you think of preparing and surviving most likely the first few thoughts are on things like  like food, water, warm clothing, self defense and the like.  Have you ever considered what you would do if an urban disaster strikes, such as a pandemic as just one example, where so many people die that the authorities do not have enough resources to handle all the corpses?  You must plan for and mentally prepare for the fact that you may have to deal with a dead body and you better know how.


How would you dispose of a dead body in a SHTF scenario?  If you don’t know, this is a book you should get and read as it will tell you how as well as many other practical things such as:

Legacy Food Storage


  • Storing super-nutritious foods
  • Heating or cooling without conventional power
  • How to create alternative lighting options
  • Building a makeshift toilet & composting the results
  • Catching rodents for food
  • and so much more


Yes, you read that one line correctly, catching rodents for food.  When the SHTF and you have not properly prepared, or you have prepared but your food supply has been compromised, you just may have to catch and cook yourself a juicy rat…yum!

See what else Cody has to say in a news snippet from 2006, his knowledge is timeless as well as priceless.  Be sure to pick up a copy of “When Hell Breaks Loose“, it’s not only an easy read, but very informative as well.

Legacy Food Storage