Prepping – The Right Vehicle

expsSo many people are focused on their vehicle.  For many it is a status symbol.  Most people have some form of car payment. (side note, did you know the average car payment in America is $475/mo) So few however think about their vehicle when it comes to survival in a  disaster, especially us women.

For me, I have three means of transportation.  A basic car, which is paid for.  A sport utility vehicle (SUV) also paid for, and a bicycle, which, you guess it, is paid for.  The car gets me from point “A” to point “B” each day.  It is a comfortable ride, sad to admit it is a foreign vehicle (yes I am pro-American when it comes to cars..everything actually) but at the time I was looking for a reliable mid-size car and Honda was the manufacturer that came through for me on everything I was looking for (I felt better knowing it was designed, engineered and assembled in USA).

This brings me to the type of vehicle I am writing this post about.  A utility vehicle. For me it is my Ford Explorer Sport.  4WD, Firestone AT tires, it can pretty much do anything and go anywhere in a urban environment I may need it to go.  This is by far the best vehicle I have ever purchased.  I have loaded it up full with sod, hauled lumber, driven over downed trees from a storm.  For me, it is an ideal vehicle for urban survival, although one day I would like to upgrade.

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To be honest, I have considered retiring my car…you never know when you will need the services of a utility vehicle and it is really best to drive one on a daily basis.  An SUV can get you out of a driving situation that a car may not.  For example, if you are stuck on the interstate, traffic is backed up for miles it is much easier to do a U-turn through the median in a SUV or truck than it is for a car (yes, I know it is illegal, that isn’t the point here) that will at least get you going, although be it the wrong way, but you can back track to an exit and then find an alternate way back home.

Also, in case you had to evacuate a SUV will hold family, pets and emergency supplies where a car will just fit the family at best.

So consider your vehicle when it comes to self-reliance.  First it needs to be reliable and safe.  Next I like the SUV over a pick-up truck because of the enclosed area in the back where as a pick-up has an open bed (for the most part).   Four wheel drive is essential.  You don’t need a brand new vehicle either.  Upon purchase the Ford was seven years old with 89k miles on it.  I had been watching it on the website of a local Christian dealer for over five months so I knew going in how long it was on their lot and was pretty sure they were ready to let it go.  I did my research through and new the true market value of the car.  I walked in with cash and walked out with a great deal for both me and the dealer.

Remember, prepping is far more than food and water, it is also about vehicles, taking the time to purchase the right one for you and your family as well as for the circumstances in which you intend to use it.

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