Are You Prepared For Silence?

sWe live in a very noisy world. TV, radio, video games, ear buds in the ears playing music or audio books some sort of manufactured noise is usually going on around us. This noise allows for your mind to stay distracted, sometimes to the point of avoiding meaningful deep thought, that of things you might want to avoid. But what happens when the power goes out and all you have left is silence?

Have you ever just sat in your home in total silence? No TV, music, games, kids weren’t home, maybe even your spouse is away. Try it, turn everything off and just sit in silence for a while, see how long you can do it.

Sure, you are prepared for a disaster with food, water, weapons, etc., but how many of you are prepared for silence? Living in silence is something that must be practiced, just like exercise, you don’t get in shape by sitting on the couch with plans of being able to run a couple of miles when you are in trouble, no you exercise and practice, you get in physical shape.

Learning to live in silence is no different, it is something that you have to practice. It takes time and practice to learn and be able to live quietly inside your own thoughts. Think about this, if living in silence was such an easy thing to do, why would they put prisoners into solitaire confinement? They do it because it is punishment. It isn’t easy or pleasant for most people to be alone with their thoughts.

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We were designed to be social creatures, to interact with others. In the absence of that we have learned to fill the void with artificial interaction and noise, that noise could also be in the form of being on the internet on some social media site, for that human interaction, the TV or other man made distractions.

Here is a challenge, another form of prepping if you will. Begin to practice being alone with your thoughts, just sitting in silence.

Turn off the TV, radio and video games. Take the ear buds out of your ears and even turn off the internet. Just be alone, with yourself in silence, you just may find it isn’t as easy as you think.

Start with being in silence for 15 minutes, then 30. Increase it to an hour and continue to increase that silent time until you have a full day in silence. Take that silent time to talk with your creator. Build a relationship with Christ, when it all hits the fan, you will have only HIM to rely on, to talk to, to reach up to for strength, this can’t happen overnight, it take practice and time to build a relationship, to know HIS still quiet voice that you can only hear in silence, in the time you have with just you, your thoughts and prayers.

Sure, there will be some that roll their eyes, but remember the old saying, there are no atheists in a fox hole? The same will hold true in a long lasting disaster, there will be many who will not be able to cope without the normal daily distractions, you don’t want to be one of them. Plus, by leaning to live in silence now and building your relationship with Christ, you will be in a solid position to help those who didn’t prepare for the silence.

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