Bad Guys Don’t Like Light

Have you ever tried to surprise someone? Maybe wanted to sneak up on them? Think how you do it, you try not to be noticed right? Well that is exactly how a bad guy thinks when he is trying to sneak up to a house or car in the drive way to break in, the last thing he wants is to be noticed.

Darkness is a bad guys best friend, the last thing they want is to have a light turn on, or for that matter a dog bark, both of which are a signal that something is going on and bad guys don’t want anyone to know something is going on.

Recently, I upgraded all the lighting around the house, I installed RAB Super Stealth 360 motion sensor  with Hyperikon PAR38 LED bulbs, I tripped it one night and I have to admit, it annoyed me a bit and I wasn’t trying to do anything bad.  It was one of those real big full moon nights. It was pitch dark out and I wanted to go out and take a picture of the moon.  As soon as I took about five steps out the door, bam, the lights popped on. Yep, they work, I wanted total darkness, and instead I got light up like the light of day.

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My point here is make sure you have good lighting around your property, lights keep bad guys away. I have some of my lights turn on as soon as it gets dark and others that are set on a motion sensor so if they sense any motion they will pop on, even when I don’t want them too, like when I was trying to get a picture of the moon.

Most properties are already wired for outside lighting and the light I purchased are very easy to install and it is one of the cheapest security options that you can get and it does so much to keep bad guys at bay.  I mean, if you were a bad guy, would you go to the house that lights up the night, or the house that is dark all night long?

What do you think, is light an important security tool for you and your property? Let me know in the comments below.


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