Are You Preparing Your Heart, Mind And Soul Correctly?

etlWe all have read the articles about people who prepare for an EMP (electromagnetic pulse), financial collapse, natural disaster, even the zombie apocalypse. People are stock piling food, water, self defense items. Having bug out bags and locations. All of this is not a bad thing, on the contrary it is wise to be prepared.

My question today is, are you preparing your heart correctly? No, I am not talking about getting into shape, although I do highly recommend you do get in shape. What I am talking about is preparing your heart, mind, and soul for Christ and a lifetime in heaven?

No, I am not going to preach a sermon, or Bible thump, however, I think many of us spend more time preparing for survival here on earth and forget to prepare for the biggest thing in our future and that is where we will end up spending eternal life.

If we are not preparing our hearts and minds to treat people right here on earth, in good times and in bad, how can we be expected to be trusted with a life in heaven?

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This year I challenged myself to read the Bible through. Some passages each and every day, I started out strong, but to be honest, by March I was missing a day here and there. In April, I had a new contractor position and attended some training, my schedule was very busy and before I knew it I missed about three weeks of reading, study and even prayer. It is so easy to do what is expected of us on an earthly basis and set aside the real important thing in life and that is our relationship with Christ and preparing to live a life with HIM.

Today I challenge you to take a look at how you have prepared your heart, mind and soul for a life after this earth is gone. If you are unchurched, step out of your comfort zone and attend a local church this weekend, be it Saturday or Sunday. Attend a service online, or just sit quietly in your backyard and talk to God…HE is there and always ready to listen to you.

Talk to a friend about their beliefs or open the Bible to any place and read a few passages and see where they take you next.
Preparing for times of trouble on this earth is smart, but it is wiser to prepare for a time when this earth is no longer.

Think about it. 🙂

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