Stock Spare Toilet Parts

toiletsToilets are something that nobody talks about but that everyone needs. Oh sure, you could dig a hole in the back yard and do your business there, but who wants to do that? I mean you may have to do that, but why not plan on using that toilet as long as you possibly can.

So why stock spare toilet parts? Well, there may come a time when you may not be able to get toilet parts. Think about this, what if there is a hurricane in our area, the authorities have told everyone to stay off the streets, the stores are closed, and your toilet valve fails, wouldn’t you want to have a spare in the house already? Or a part fails and the store doesn’t carry, they have to do a special order and you have to wait.  Could be the price has gone up and the parts are way too expensive., everything is going up in price and whenever you buy today, you have already made an investment because tomorrow it will cost you more.

Your Model Toilet

So what type of parts should you have on hand? Well first, you need to determine what parts your toilet takes.  You would think that all toilets are the same, but they are not. I recently had a flapper go bad in my toilet, I went to Home Depot, purchased a flapper that “looked” like it would fit, but it didn’t. Then I started doing some research online and found that most toilets have a model number stamped on them on the inside of the tank, and in my case, there is a complete parts list on the inside of the tank cover.

Most toilets have the same type parts and I highly recommend that you stock up on several of the following. When I say several, I would say you should have two spares of each part for each toilet you have. It helps if all your toilets match, in my case I planned that when I remodeled my house, but most of the time you will have different toilets in each bathroom, make sure you have spare parts for each model toilet.

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Toilet Parts & Supplies

Here is a list of  Toilet Parts style= I recommend stocking up on, again, get the part that matches your toilet model:

The last thing you want to do is have your toilet fail on you due to a failed flapper or fill valve or some other part during a time when you can’t get a part so stock up now, and remember, once you use one of your spare, you need to restock.


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