Slow Down and Be Quiet

Are you preparing for the most important thing of all? Spiritual well-being.

Please don’t click away; this will be a short post, as I know just how busy you are dealing with:

  • Work
  • Kids
  • After school activities
  • Daily chores
  • Taking care of elderly parents
  • Volunteering and charity work
  • Home repairs
  • Car maintenance
  • Trying to little get that little side business you always dreamed of off the ground there

Today, look at your busy schedule and ask yourself if you can set aside time to Slow Down and Be Quite? How is that possible Prudence? Look at that list above, I don’t have time to slow down, you are probably saying.

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Just 15 Minutes

Let me challenge you this week to start your day just 15 minutes earlier and end it 15 minutes later. Take that time to slow down and be quiet, to listen to your Father, your Heavenly Father.  Talk to HIM, listen to HIM, read some of his Word, you may just be surprised how much smoother your day goes when you prepare for the day with HIM first and foremost as well as end the day with HIM as well.

Don’t believe me….try it, just 15 minutes every morning and 15 minutes each evening before bed for the next seven days.

Let me know below how your days change by giving your FATHER dedicated quiet time.

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