Being Self Reliant Is A Lifestyle Not An Event

srBeing self-reliant is more than knowing how to make your own coffee if Starbucks goes out of business.  It is more than storing food or knowing how to grow your own food.

It’s more than harvesting rain water, or having lots of guns and ammo.  It is more than reading a book on survival or catching a blog post from time to time.

Self-Reliance is a lifestyle.  It is part of what you do on a daily basis.  You think it, and live it in your actions.  It is hard work and it costs a bit of money as well.  Self-reliance is much more than just being prepared.

Self-reliance is Mind, Body and most importantly Spirit.

Mind: having the knowledge and foresight to see that there may come a time when the comfortable life we live now may be very different.  Food may be very expensive and/or in short supply, so you build supplies, plant gardens.  You think and live not just for today, but for next month, next year and beyond.  You study, learn and prepare daily just as sure as you eat and drink daily as part of your lifestyle, your mind is also continually thinking and you acting on those thoughts for self-reliance as your lifestyle.

Body: living a self-reliant lifestyle takes energy. Being in good physical shape is imperative.  Healthy so you are not now or won’t be in the future reliant on medications, doctors, or hospitals.  This lifestyle takes some hard work and physical activity.  It is about not being reliant on alcohol, cigarettes or other stimulants.

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Spirit: having a relationship with Christ Jesus.  Spiritual wellbeing is essential to a self-reliant lifestyle.  Being self-reliant is just for the functions of life on this earth as we know it now.  The ultimate goal is a life with Christ.  Regardless if we are prepared to live here on this earth through the tribulations of job loss, or a large economic disaster, we must always stay focused on the big picture which is Eternal Life in Heaven with Jesus.Yes, self-reliance on this earth is a lifestyle, a lifestyle that is important so you do not get caught up on relying on someone who may not be focused on your wellbeing or your belief system.

This world will eventually end.  Values are changing for the worst.  Self-reliance as a lifestyle can be a bit deceiving in its term at face value.  Self-reliance is based on earthly living and can only be successful with FULL reliance on Christ.  Seeking out HIS Word daily, placing faith in HIM and putting HIM first in your life.

Yes, I believe it is very important to live a self-reliant lifestyle as long as your faith is NOT in self but in Christ.  He will see you through and will provide for your needs.  Part of seeing you though is that He also gave you a brain and use of your hands and actions as part of seeing you through…that is why Self Reliance is a lifestyle, not an event.

If your self-reliance however is in Self and not Christ it will be just an event, one that is short lived for this earth only.

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