KaBar Tactical Spork

One thing that I always have in all of my bags is a KaBar Tactical Spork.  If you are like me, you live a very busy life, between family and work, after school events, and handling parents/in-laws, you are busy and on the run.

Never Leave Home Without One

The KaBar spork is totally awesome, it is a spoon, fork and knife all in one small compact unit. Great for eating at your desk when you realize your take out didn’t provide any plastic wear.  Or when you plastic knife breaks in mid cut….the KaBar Spork knife will not break even if you are cutting a steak.  Have you ever tried to cut something soft with the edge of your plastic fork and a tang breaks off. Yep, it’s happened to all of us. Enter the KaBar Tactical Spork.

Legacy Food Storage

Here is a quick video review I did on this must have utensil.

Legacy Food Storage