Home Remedies For Cough

hlwWhat do you do when you get a cough?  Some run right to the doctor.  Most others run to the grocery store to pick up some over-the-counter (OTC) cough syrup.

Who knows what is in those OTC syrups, I figure if you don’t know what’s in it even after reading the ingredients it can’t be too good for you.   Personally, I don’t much care for taking OTC meds other than simple pain relievers like aspirin.

Regardless of your thoughts about OTC cough remedies, in a lasting emergency situation you may not be able to get OTC meds, either the store will not be stocked or you may not be able to get to the store.  One option is to stock up on OTC cough syrup, but I go back to if I don’t really know or understand what is in it, I can’t count on it if it happens to be on the shelf for longer than then expiration date.  Unlike aspirin, as long as it stays dry and stored in a cool place, its shelf life is many many years.  It just may not be that way with liquid meds.

So what to do.  Go back to the way coughs were treated prior to all these modern day OTCs.  For example, did you know that honey never goes bad.  Neither does apple cider vinegar, rum or whiskey.  All of which are great home remedies for coughs and or check congestion.

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Ever heard of a hot toddy?  Well, it is a great remedy for check congestion.  Heat to a slow boil the juice from two lemons and 1/4 cup of honey.  Take it off the heat to cool a bit then add a shot of rum (whiskey will work too).  You can take it a tablespoon at a time (just as you would OTC cough syrup) or mix it into a nice warm tea.  Now this is for the adults…for kids just leave out the alcohol.

Another options for coughs is honey and apple cider vinegar.  One half teaspoon of honey and apple cider vinegar mixed together works wonders.  This is also good in case you can’t get a hold of any lemons.

Then there is Vicks vapor rub.  It is great to rub on your chest for a stuffy nose, but did you know you can rub it on your feet, put on a pair of warm socks and tuck yourself into bed, believe it or not your cough will stop.  Don’t ask me how or why it works…it just does.

The time to be planning for and thinking about home remedies is now, before you are sick and can’t get access to any remedy.

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