Four Front Door Security Tips

Your front door, or any entry into your home, needs to be secured as best as possible. You have valuables inside. No, I am not talking your computer or TVs.  I’m talking about your loved ones, your husband, wife, daughter, son, grand kids, even your pets. They are all the most valuable things in your home. It is a must that you secure your home!


First, it is important to have a strong deadbolt. The deadbolt is one thing, but installing it is where enhancing its security lays. I highly recommend using two inch or even three inch screws for screwing it into the door jam.

Prevent Lock Bumping

Now that you have a good dead bolt you need to secure it. Have you h of lock bumping? Well, this is where someone can use a basic key in your lock and bump it, to open your deadbolt. To combat that, use a flip guard, check out the video below to see how it works. Very easy to install, and it will stop a lock bump when used.

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Security Bar

A door security bar will help brace the door from the inside. This is to help brace the door from someone trying to kick the door open, as in a home invasion. Better to have the bad guy to break his leg on your door then break in your door.

Look Before You Open

Now we all know another good way to keep bad guys out is to not open the door when the door bell rings or there is a knock. Look first, sure, you could get a door camera, but they require batteries, and don’t look that great. A better choice is a wide angle peep hole. These suckers give a nice wide view out the front of your door plus you can see down to the ground in front of the door and to the sides…very hard to hide from these wide angle peep holes.

See it installed:

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