Eye Protection

pesgYour Eyes. They are so important and so fragile yet they are right out in the front lines so to speak, every day. Next to insuring you keep your feet protected, because without your feet you have lost mobility, your eyes are top on the list of protecting. Without sight, you have lost some mobility and freedom.

Think about it, without eye sight, you can’t drive, you will be dependent on transportation from someone else. Without sight you can’t watch your kids play and grow up, you can’t see the great things that God has created in nature. So without your eyesight so many things would be lost that many of us take for granted.

So many times I would work out in the yard with either no eye protection or just a simple pair of sunglasses on. Then one day I was weed whacking and somehow the weed whacker kicked up a small pebble, it clipped the edge of my sunglasses and hit me in the cheek bone, just below my eye. It chipped a junk out of my sunglasses and gave me a good whelp on my upper cheek bone. It was so close to my eye, I was very lucky it didn’t hit or a piece of my sunglasses didn’t get in my eye. Ever since then I have worn my range safety glasses when doing yard work, I figured if they were safe enough to wear while shooting, they would certainly be safe enough to wear doing yard work.

Although those glasses are safe, they had one problem, they were clear and while doing yard work out in the sun, I really needed a pair of sunglasses. So my search began and I stumbled onto this video from Sootch00 where he was reviewing some Bobster safety glasses. Score, problem solved. I even bought an extra pair to put in my “Get Home Bag”, after all, if there is a situation that causes me to have to leave my vehicle and walk home, chances are the environment around me would call for some extra safety protection, especially over my eyes.

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The Bobster glasses were so great, I started wearing them in the car for driving. As someone who is prepared, it just seems smart to ensure I have good eye protection while driving as well. Sure, the windshield is safety glass, but what about those days I drive with the window down, who knows what could fly in through the window while moving at 45+ miles an hour, much faster than that and I usually have the windows up just because of the wind noise.

Well, one problem I realized while driving with the Bobster glasses is they were not polarized. For me, wearing polarized glasses while driving is a must as they takes so much of the wind shield glare down it makes it much safer to drive, especially on really bright sunny days.  They take that glare and reflection from the dash and trees right away.

So I began a search for polarized safety glasses.  Well, I doing a quick search on Amazon, and boom, I found Edge Eyewear. The price was right, at under $25 and they fit very well, are comfortable and more importantly, polarized. So great are they I bought a pair for both cars as well and an extra pair to keep in the garage for lawn work and other things I may do that needs eye protection.

Yes, eye protection should be your number one focus with doing yard work, at the range, and in my humble opinion when driven and when walking.  Better to be safe than sorry and since I and mostly you too wear sunglasses a lot, why not wear a pair that will not only protect your eyes from the brightness, but from hazards as well, and adding polarization makes it a triple bonus.

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