Welcome to Vigil Prudence

vprosieWelcome to  VigilPrudence.com.  Oh I know you may be thinking, do we need another “survival” type blog?  The answer is YES!  Because this is NOT a normal survival blog, it is a self-reliance and how to survive all areas of life blog for women, and we think men may even enjoy and learn from it too, if not for themselves, but to help the special women in their life.

Too many women are going it alone or if that special man is in your life, he may be absent from time to time which means you have to be self-reliant and survive any situation.   I am a firm believer in the principle of “Hope for the Best but Prepare for the Worst”.    Self-Reliance and survival could be anything from day-to-day tasks, job-loss, debt management, or much worse such as a natural disaster, car accident, or family illness.

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Planning and preparing is the key. This site will cover topics common to most women as well as topics that most women rely on their man to plan for….but what if he isn’t around?  Have you considered how you would get home from work if your car broke down or storm waters blocked your normal route home?  What about how you would provide for your family if your husband passed away or left?  You have to plan for all kinds of situations so you can and will be self-reliant…so you will survive.

Yes, disasters come in many forms and this site will cover as many as possible.  In addition we will be starting up a forum, a place were you can post your own thoughts / ideas and build a community where we can all help each other.

It is going to be exciting information for you, keep coming back!

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