Save Money On Haircuts While Being Self-Reliant

fbMy dad, who is bald, always said:  “God made just a few perfect heads, all the rest he put hair on”.  Growing up that always made me laugh.  My head is not perfect therefore is covered with hair, hair that I must deal with on a regular basis.

For years, I did what most women (and men) do and that was to go the salon to get a haircut.  Sometime not really being able to afford it but I had to get a haircut regardless. When I could afford it financially, my busy schedule many times felt stretched to take the time to go to the hairstylist.

One day I reached my limit.  I had been going to a stylist who I really liked for over nine years, she gave me a good cut and the cost was reasonable.  I am a very punctual person and respect the time of others and expect the same from others. Whenever my appointment was scheduled, I was there at least 10 minutes early.  I understand that things happen, but she began to continually take me back late. I can handle 10 to 15 minutes once in a while, but when it becomes a habit, then I feel my time is not respected nor am I being respected as a customer.

Anyway, on this particular day, my appointment was scheduled for 4:30pm, she didn’t take me back until 4:55, that is 25 minutes late.  I would have left, but I really needed a haircut, I was depending on her to cut my hair.  On that day,  while waiting 25-minutes later than my scheduled appointed, I decided that I was no longer going to rely on someone else to cut my hair, my time and money is to valuable.

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Some may say, “why didn’t you just find another stylist?”  I actually did try a couple of other stylists, none of which I thought were any more efficient time wise than my old stylist and all were more expensive.   Besides, how would I handle getting my hair cut if I couldn’t afford a sstylist say from a job loss, how would I get my haircut?  How did people back in the “old days” get their haircut?  They did it themselves. Enter the Flowbee.

The Flowbee is a vacuum haircut.  You may remember Flowbee on TV  in the early 90’s.  The Flowbee is about $80 and for me financially paid for itself in three months (two months if I would have gotten my hair blow dried at the stylist, which I never did)

It is fantastic!  I get free haircuts anytime I want and am saving money and more importantly, time, in the process.  I have saved myself about two hours in time, counting travel time, wait time and cut time, two extra hours a month is a lot.  Most importantly I have one more thing that I am not relying on someone else for.  I have become self-reliant when it comes to haircuts.  I have used the Flowbee for over 10 years now and I have never looked back or been to a stylist since.  How many people can say they can get a haircut when they want for FREE!

Yes, a Flowbee will save you money and time on haircuts.  Most importantly will add one  more thing to you can be self-reliance on.  Go ahead, get a Flowbee!

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