Live In The Country It May Be Safer

clThe reason I purchased my home was based on location to my elderly parents.  They are both in their 80′s and I made a choice to live close to them and not having them live under my roof.  It was a win/win for both of us.  They don’t lose their independence, I don’t go crazy having them in my house but yet I am close enough to watch over them and help them as needed.

My focus was on my parents.  Looking back, I should have encouraged my parents farther away from the city and to a more rural area.

Most of us are in urban areas in housing developments under a home owners association.  Rows and rows of houses.  We seldom know who are neighbors are much past a friendly wave or a brief conversation while out doing lawn work.

In a SHTF situation do you think you could count on your neighbors?  Sure, ideally you are building up good relationships with your neighbors.  Sharing with them your concerns about disaster situations.  Prepping together.  The key word in that last statement is “ideally”.

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The reality of it is the majority of your neighbors are in debt.  They can barely make ends meet much less stock up and prep.  One of my neighbors thinks prepping is having a gun, in his words “that’s all I need.”  Humm, I guess I could look at that as he would be the security of the neighborhood….or, he could be our worst enemy, I suspect the latter is the most likely.  His food supply is literally delivered to him each week by a frozen food delivery service.

IMHO, the safest place to live will be out in a rural area, on acres of land with its own water supply.   There are areas in this country that have a lot of land for a small price and many offer owner financing.

If I could do it all over again, I would have purchased some acreage, with a home already build on the land and then built a second home for my parents and other close family members.

As sad as it is, when the SHTF it is best if you are as far away from the masses as possible.  There is support in numbers, there is also threat in numbers as well.

If you have the option, buy land out and away from the cities, from suburbia.  Get out in the country, surround yourself with family and very close friends that you know very well and can trust.  This is not only important for having your own close support network, it is also important for your own close social network as well.

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