Lady Prepper Never Alone

ligSome of you may be lucky enough to be married to a real man.  A man who is alert, honest, in love with, devoted to and focused on you and the family.  A Christian man who is the spiritual leader of his household.  To the women out there who are lucky enough to have married a man like this, be thankful because you are blessed.  Respect the man you picked and who picked you because they are rare.

For all you other women who may be single, divorced or married to a man who either is stuck in front of the TV, not engaged in the family,  asleep to what is going on around him or just not real supportive when it comes to prepping, then you have a lot of responsibility that falls on your shoulders.  You may feel, overwhelmed, lonely, tired, sad and sometimes just plain angry.  Many times the most recurring feeling is loneliness, sometimes even while in a relationship.

Ladies, just because you are alone and/or feel lonely that is no reason not to step up and start preparing for the worst while hoping for the best.  If you have kids, make sure you get them involved in your prepping and planning as well.  Explain to them what you are doing and why.  Kids love to help out mom.

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Yes ladies it may not be fair but there are times when preparing and survival falls solely on us and it is just as important as taking care of the kids and the household.  How can I say that?  Because prepping is the long-term version of day-to-day responsibilities.  You would never not go shopping or not have food in the house right?  Well just as you plan that week by week, you should have the same thought process for long term food storage.

As a woman functioning alone for whatever reason doesn’t mean you are helpless, no not at all.  As much as you may wish you had a strong Christian, honest man by your side, you can’t just sit around a wish.   You must get up and take care of yourself.  Be self-reliant!

Don’t let loneliness stop you from learning some personal safety skills, how to shoot a gun and gun safety,  get your concealed weapons permit.  Start storing up food, learn how to can.  Start gardening, which by the way is a great workout.  Remember to get the kids involved and even other family and friends.  The more you have helping you the less lonely you will feel. The busier you are prepping, the less lonely you will feel as well.

As much as all this is surface level suggestions and will get you started and on the right track to prepping, the one person that will remove that lonely feeling and be by your side no matter what is going on in your life is Christ Jesus.  Reach up to HIM, He will comfort you and guide your steps.  Study with HIM by reading HIS Word.

Ladies, it sucks to be by yourself but you are never alone, Christ is with you always, and HE will never put you in a position that you can not handle.  Put your faith in HIM, and get your feet in motion to be self-reliant when it comes to prepping for yourself and your family.  Being alone is no excuse for not being prepared and self-reliant!

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