Four Ways To Ensure You Have A Clean Water Supply

waterladyWater, I write a lot about the importance of having a clean water supply. Maybe it is because it is important to every aspect of our lives. First we need it to just keep us alive. As humans we can only go about three days without water before we will die, and I am referring to good clean water. You may last longer if you have unclean water, but then you just might get sick or die from a parasite or something else in the water that isn’t good for human consumption.

Beyond just needing good clean drinking water to survive, you need clean water to cook and clean with as well. The term cleanliness is next to Godliness is true in that if you don’t stay clean, you could end up getting sick and nobody wants to get sick, especially if times are rough, and the fact that you may not have clean water could be a rougher time than just a broken water main, it could be from a local natural disaster, or nationally due to who knows what kind of disaster.

Same holds true for water to cook with. Water is so plentiful that you may not realize how often you use it to cook with. I am no a Martha Stewart type by any means, most of what I make comes out of a box, or is pasta related, which of course needs water to cook. What about mashed potatoes? You need water. Have some form of freeze dried food? Yep, you need water to bring it back to an edible consistency.

Boiled water alerts are announced at least once a month of not more often. Sure it may not be in your immediate area, but one day it could be your area. Are you prepared?

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Four ways to prepare for and ensure you have a continual supply of good clean water.

  1. Bottle water – it is always a good idea to several cases of bottle water. I even keep a case of bottle water in each vehicle. Just remember to rotate it out on a regular basis.
  2. Fill your empty two liter bottle up with water and store some water around the house. If you drink soda from two liter bottles, why throw those bottles out, reuse them by putting tap water in them, make sure you wash them out thoroughly first including the cap. Again, make sure you rotate the bottle out around every six months to ensure the water stays fresh.
  3. You can always boil water, after all it is called a “boiled water” alert. My concern with boiling is you are limited to the amount of clean water you will have on hand to the size of the pot you have to boil in and the amount of storage containers you have to store the boiled water in. What happens though if you don’t have electricity? If you have a gas stove, you are in luck. Many of us have an electric range. Therefore I highly recommend having an alternate for of boiling water such as a Colman stove, or a barbeque such as a small Weber. You will need to have some propane or charcoal on hand.
  4. My personal favorite, is a Berkey water filter. Having one or two of those around ensures a good clean water supply for you and your family. Each black filter can filter up to 3000 gallons of water. Once you have some Berkey’s around you don’t need to worry about storing propane or charcoal around the house just for boiling water. Now, don’t get me wrong, having those items around is important, but no need to use it up those resources just to boil water.

Another reason why I like a Berkey filter is because it can be used during good times as well so that you always have purified water. Personally, I can’t stand tap water. I don’t like the taste or smell of the chlorine, not to mention, who really knows what else is really in municipal water. On top of that, if somehow the municipal water supply has been compromised, it most likely won’t hit the news for several hours. You just may be consuming a bit of water during that time, water that just may not be fit to drink. I filter out my water, all my water with a Berkey filter at all times. Even while I am at away from home I use either a Sport Berkey or a Go Berkey to ensure the water I drink is clean and pure.

Please check out a little video I did on how I use my Go Berkey filter.


 My recommendation is to prepare today for the possibility of dealing with contaminated water supplies. Like I said above, you hear of a boil water alert on the news at least once a month if not more. Each alert is usually for three days or so, and recently in my area one older community has had some serious issues with their municipal water pipes they have now been under a boil water alert going on three weeks. Sure, the city is supplying bottle water, but you can only get a case a day and have to wait in line to get it. Can you imagine having to boil your water for three weeks? Nope, not me, I have a plan for that, and you should too!  Also, think about when there is a hurricane on the way, have you ever seen how quickly the store shelves clean out of bottle water?  Don’t wait, get your supply in place now.

What do you think? Share what you plan is for dealing with a contaminated drinking water supply or even a water shortage such in the case of a hurricane.

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