Flat Tire, Car Broke Down..Now What

thIf you drive a car eventually you are going to get a flat tire.  It’s not a matter of if it happens, but when, so before you get a flat, plan now for what you will do when it happens.

There was a time, say 30 years ago, that if I had a flat, I would just change it myself.  Those days are long gone and personally I don’t recommend changing your own tire.  Being stuck on the side of the road puts you in a very vulnerable position and focusing on changing a tire limits your awareness of what is going on around you.  You most likely are on the side of a busy road so you have traffic to worry about, or you may be in an area that is just not safe to be out alone changing a tire.

There was also a time when some nice gentleman would stop to offer help.  That may or may not be the case today, but sadly even if a man stops to offer help, you should keep your guard up as some people are just looking for an easy victim.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying not to trust people, but, insure your guard is always up.  In a time of trouble, like a flat tire, you may be scared, feel helpless and are vulnerable, all of which could cause you to let your guard down a bit.  Always keep aware of your surroundings and those around you, especially if a stranger offers help.

So what is a lady to do if you find yourself with a flat? First, the time to think about what you would do if you have a flat or your car breaks down is now, when all is good.  Have a plan.  Don’t wait for the break down to then decide what you should do.

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Join some form of an auto club.  Check to see if you already have such a service that was part of your car pruchase and know the number to call to use it.  Make sure it is still valid and what they offer.  If you don’t have road side service with our car then join AAA, they have been around since 1902 and one thing they do fairly well is road side service.  There are others out there but I like to stick with a known company with a good reputation.

Now, you may be saying, oh, I don’t need an auto club, my husband or boyfriend will come and help.  Yes, if you have a good man around, hopefully they will come and help.  What if they are unavailable?  They may be stuck at work or too far away.  I remember a time when I was married, I had locked my keys in the car, I called my husband and his answer to me was “call AAA”.  Wow!  He later said he was just kidding, but, not the answer a wife wants to hear when locked out of your car.  Did I mention when I “was” married?  Sorry I digress.

Have a plan.  Today do these three things, before your have a care emergency:

  • Always have your cell phone with you and charged
  • Have a list of people you can call that may be able to come and help, husband, boyfriend, and family member.
  • Join an auto club or check to see if you already have road side service when your car.  Know the numbers and what they offer.
  • Have an emergency bag in your car, you never know how long you may be on the side of the road.  Make sure you have warm cloths, water, a little snack.

It’s not fun or safe to be stranded on the side of the road, always have a plan in place,  then when you are stranded you won’t be as scared and will not feel as helpless because you already have a plan in place.

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