How To Find Extra Money To Buy Preps

DSC04655So you are in debt and don’t have enough money to buy prepping goods or extra food. Here are three ways to find extra money to buy preps.


Instead of you and your spouse each getting a $4 specialty cup of coffee on the way to work each morning, what if you brew your own? For this example, we will use $4 as the price for a specialty coffee could be $2.50 could be $5.  The issue here isn’t the exact dollar amount, it is more about getting the concept of redistributing money you already already spending.

So a cup of $4 coffee times two, one for each spouse, times five times a week is $32/week or $128 per month. Now, you are still going to have to buy the coffee to make at home and let’s assume you need a coffee pot as well. Many people love the Keurig, it brews a single cup for each little k-cup you put in. I’m not saying that’s bad, but it isn’t the most economical in my humble opinion. I personally recommend a Hamiliton Beach Scoop. It still brews one cup at a time, you put in the coffee grounds of your choice and your off. The Scoop costs about $39 vs $119 for a Keurig. Coffee is about $8 a bag for a specialty coffee which you can get about 35 to 40 cups out of. Or you can buy a tub of something like Folgers for $11 and get 128 cups. Either way, you are still spending less in coffee starting the first month even having to buy a coffee maker.

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So let’s recap because that was a lot of numbers.

Buying coffee out every work day is $128/month
Making your own coffee is $47 dollars the first month (because you bought a Scoop) and then only $8 dollars a month there after.
You have just giving yourself $120 extra to buy preps.

Let’s keep going – Breakfast

Now, I assume you both get an egg sandwich, so that will be an additional $6 ($3 each) times five days a week, times four weeks in a month. That is another $120 and we haven’t even talked about the kids eating breakfast.

You can buy a two dozen eggs for $6 and a package of four packages of English muffins $12. That is $18 for 24 egg sandwiches. $.75 each. You just save another $102.

Two Hundred Dollars Extra

So far just from you and your spouse making those two small changes in the morning you have saved a total of $222 every month. That is a lot of money for prepping supplies.

Imagine how much more you would have if you stopped eating out at lunch and dinner?

You Do Have Enough Money For Your Preps

So you do have money to buy preps it was just being spent on other things.

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