Eight Non-Standard Investments

nsiWhen you hear the word investments, I bet you think about things like the stock market, gold, silver, real estate.

However now days, with how the price of things are going up and chances are your income is not, it is time to look at others items instead of the standards mentioned above as investments.

If you invest in some of the below things, you may not actually “make a return” but you will in the long run save money.

For example, I purchased some Irish Spring body wash, 15oz bottle back in November of 2013, it cost me $2.99 on Amazon. Today, that exact same bottle would cost me $9.00 if I bought one, or $5.92 each if I bought a three pack. Either way, buying multiple bottles back at the end of 2013 cost me a lot less than if I were to buy multiple bottles now. Buying multiple bottles now, will cost me a lot less than if I buy them a year from not.


Screen shot of November 2013 order:


This is just one example, and as we all know, varies product prices fluctuate up and down so it can be a bit of a guessing game, but then again, so is investing in the stock market. The difference is, when you invest in non-standard investments, you at least have a tangible item in your hand that you can use or maybe even trade/barter with later.

Also, think out of the box a bit when investing, for example, I found out it is a lot cheaper to buy industry type toilet paper rather than the standard consumer package toilet paper. It might not be as plush, but then again, it is just getting flushed down the toilet, so as long as it functions, I can adjust on the comfort side. Every little bit of money you can save on supplies is just that much more you could use for food, silver or even a real estate purchase.

Below are eight non-standard items to invest in.

Legacy Food Storage
  • Soap – Bars of soap never go bad. Liquid soap lasts many years
  • Shampoo – Lasts many years in storage
  • Laundry Detergent – Powered and Liquid
  • Dishwasher Detergent – I have some that has been under the counter for years, it still works.
  • Toilet paper – Never goes bad and will always be needed, you will need the dispenser
  • Paper towels – Never goes bad, I like these better than standard roll towels, again, you will need the dispenser
  • OTC Medications – Will last well past expiration date if stored properly
  • Food – Such as freeze dried long term storage type food

What are some of the items that you invest in that would be considered a non-standard investment?




Legacy Food Storage