Armed While Mowing The Yard

wmlWhy would you need to be armed to mow your lawn?   After all, you won’t find a weapons display in the lawn and garden section at your local home improvement store.

The other day on the news  there was a story about a 50 year old women who was in her fenced in back yard doing lawn and garden work when she was approached by a white male in his late forties.  The man chased her into her house and attempted to sexually assault her.  She managed to fight him off by stabbing him with a pair of scissors.  The man ran out from her house and the police are currently drawing up a composite sketch and searching for this individual.

Did you catch that this occurred in her “fenced” in backyard?  You should be safe in your home and your yard, especially when it is fenced in.  Now I don’t know if her gate was open or if the man jumped what I assume was a standard 6ft fence.  Either way, she was just out enjoying the day doing some work in her own yard which is suppose to be a safe place.

Times are still relatively prosperous and I suspect this was just a crime of opportunity and not a planned attack.  But what if times get tough, what if you are out in your yard tending your garden or as you mow your lawn and someone decides they want something you have are are willing to seriously harm you to get it, are you prepared to defend and protect yourself ?

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The second amendment  protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms.   It is a God given right to protect yourself especially on your own property,  in your home or fenced in yard.

Rough economic times may cause good people to do bad things. When times get tough crime goes up.  Prepare and train now to protect yourself, having some level of protection and the skill to use it will put you ahead of most. At the same time, pray to God you are never put into a position to have to protect yourself.

Chances are in the case of the women above, if she had a legal weapon of some sort on her person and was trained to use it she would have never had to need to run or retreat into her home and have the bad guy follower her in there.   I am not saying go out and buy a gun especially without the proper training and a conceal carry permit.  There are many options to self protection a gun is just one of them, there is also pepper spray, a stun gun, taser or knife.  Whatever you choose, check your local laws first, be trained and prepared.

Whatever you buy, especially if it is a  gun  I highly recommend you go to training on how to use it and by training I don’t mean just a four hour class, I mean real training and regular practice.  Also, insure you know your local gun laws and look into getting a conceal carry permit.  Your local shooting range or gun dealer can point you in the right direction for all this information, but please be trained before handling any type of weapon of any kind.

My first rule is to avoid conflict and danger, however, as sad as it sounds you need to stay vigilant, even in your own backyard.

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